Twitter Study: More Followers Does Not Mean More Influence

by Haris Krijestorac on March 15, 2011

Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and News sources all use social media differently. But among all the ‘genres’ of twitter users, which tend to have the most followers, and which have the most influence? I found the group of twitter users with the most followers from several types of accounts. I used Twitter Grader to evaluate the relative influence of these users, and compared it to the relative number of followers they had.

Twitter Celebrities Have Most Followers; News Accounts Have Most Influence

Twitter Followers Influence resized 600 Within all the twitter accounts I analyzed, Celebrities and TV personalities had a greater than average number of followers. However, they had less than average influence. On the other hand, news, social media and tech had below average following and above average influence. Interestingly, entrepreneurs failed to gain both followers and influence, and fell below average in both factors.

Twitter is about Engaging, Not Sheep Herding

Your twitter power is not just about how many followers you have. It also matters how influential they are, and how engaged you are with them. Celebrities tend to tweet about themselves. While this may be interesting to their fans, talking about yourself (whether personally or in business) does not invite interaction. Even though celebrities have the most followers on twitter, if you want to influence people they are not the ones you should emulate. Instead, engage as much as you can with those that already follow you. Remember that collectively, they can spread your word a lot better than you can.

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