The Ultimate Place to Market: Google, Yahoo, or Times Square NYC

by Haris Krijestorac on March 11, 2011

Google. Yahoo. Two Internet giants. Any company with an online presence fights to get promoted through these sites. How these sites came to be in this position is the subject of a plethora or literature. But given the competition to be on these sites, another interesting question arises: Do Google and Yahoo need to promote themselves, and if so, where do they do this? On December 21st, 2009, I took the photo below at Times Square, New York City . In it, we see the two giants side by side, promoting themselves on large TV screens in one of the most action-packed spots in the world.

Google & Yahoo on Times Square

Google and Yahoo are lucrative largely because of the need to be prominent on the Internet. While their advertising themselves on Times doesn’t quite refute this premise, it does lead one to ask what is better: Being number 1 on Google or Yahoo, or being on Times Square? Although facilitated by technology, the concept of advertising on Times Square shares many qualities of traditional one-way advertising and lacks those of interactive marketing. Interestingly, this photo suggests that the more traditional physical medium is better in this case. It shows us that even the giants of the Internet can not avoid marketing in the physical world. This question is relevant not only to the giants of the Internet, but to all Internet marketers. What will happen to digital and physical marketing venues in the future remains to be seen. But in an age in which both venues are still thriving, companies are asking themselves how to partition their marketing efforts between these two venues. This is a complex issue with many twists and turns… So now, perhaps more than ever, we’d love to hear some opinions and relevant experiences from readers!

  • When is it better to sell your brand or idea in the digital arena, and when should your marketing remain in the physical world?
  • In general, how should the physical and digital media interact?
  • How will the answers to these questions change in the future?

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